What does a day in the life of Les French Twins look like?

What does a day in the life of Les French Twins look like?

Picture this: two Frenchmen navigating the global stage, performing their unique digital magic, yet still fighting over the last croissant.

Welcome to a day in our life!

Globe-trotters with a sparkle of magic

Our mornings often start in a different time zone. Tokyo today, New York tomorrow - the world is our stage, and our magic knows no borders. But while we've grown accustomed to flight menus and airport lounges, nothing quite matches the taste of a home-brewed café au lait.

Hustle in the digital age

With every city comes a new audience, a new venue, and new tech challenges. Crafting digital illusions isn't just about knowing the tricks. It's business meetings, tech run-throughs, and ensuring that every pixel performs perfectly.

Between sound checks and stage setups, we're on endless calls, planning the next big digital spectacle.

It's a 24/7 hustle, sprinkled with a touch of magic !

Behind the spotlight

There's a lot that goes on behind the curtain. Think of us and our team troubleshooting a screen glitch or coordinating with the local teams. A meticulous prep for each show ensures every element aligns perfectly.

Twin dynamics: business edition

Teaming up as twins? It has its moments. Think of it as having a colleague who knows you inside out. On the flip side, there's the occasional "Did you just wear my shoes?" debate. Differences aside, our synergy is our biggest asset. Decisions are swift, actions synchronized, and yes, we do occasionally argue about, who gets the window seat on the plane

cutting-edge tech, and some classic twin shenanigans.

We're redefining magic one city at a time, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Want a firsthand experience of our digital wonders?

Reach out, and let's add a touch of magic to your next big event!