"The Best Digital Illusionists"
- Simon Cowell -

"You are from another Planet!"
- Will Smith -

"One blows my mind... but two? Unbelievable!"
- Heidi Klum -


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Why Mark Zuckerberg Seeks Out Les French Twins?

Les French Twins and Mark Zuckerberg

Why  Mark Zuckerberg Seeks Out Les French Twins?

This is the duo that even tech moguls can't ignore. When iconic figures like Mark Zuckerberg seek enchantment, they turn to Tony and Jordan, the masters of digital magic 3.0. So what makes this duo so irresistible to some of the biggest names in the industry?

What Kind of Collaborations Do Les French Twins Undertake with Other Artists, Big Brands and Celebrities?

More than just a stage act, this is a fusion of arts. From collaborations with renowned artists to rising stars across various domains, Tony and Jordan are in a relentless pursuit of creative alliances that elevate their art to a new dimension.

How Do Tony and Jordan Incorporate Creative Brainstorming into Their Daily Lives?

Magic doesn't happen with a snap of the fingers. Tony and Jordan, alongside their multidisciplinary team of designers and graphic artists, are the craftsmen behind each breathtaking illusion. Behind every mesmerizing show lies a wealth of thought, innovative ideas, and overflowing creativity.

How Does Les French Twins' Company Contribute to the Evolution of Digital Illusion 3.0?

More than mere illusionists, Tony and Jordan are pioneers in the realm of 3.0 magic. Their company serves as a launching pad for redefining the boundaries of what is possible in the world of illusion, merging technology and art in a revolutionary manner.