IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUE, READ THE FAQ OR SEND AN EMAIL AT : contact@lesfrenchtwins.com
App address: http://magic.hacker or (only works when the device is connected)


UPDATE V4.2.Lite

(March 25 2024)

STEPS for Update (click here)


- Download the latest update by clicking here

- Go to this link on your computer (no tablets): https://esp.huhn.me . Open it MANDATORILY with Chrome, Edge, or Opera.

- Click on " CONNECT".

- Plug your HACKER into the computer. Select the option that appears.

- Click on " SELECT", then choose the file HACKER_final_v4.2_Lite.bin

- Click on " ERASE" and wait for the word " FINISHED" to display.

- Then click on " PROGRAM" and wait...

- Unplug and turn on your HACKER. Connect to the WIFI and go to the IP address: or : http://magic.hacker

If the online update doesn't work (click here)


If you have a Mac OS :

- Download the flasher by clicking on this link: ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-macOS.tar

- Download the latest update " HACKER_final_v4.2_Lite.bin" by clicking here

- Open the flasher you just downloaded " ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-macOS.tar"

- If it doesn't open, c lick on the 🍎 at the top left of your screen.

- Select "System Preferences". Go to "Security & Privacy" and click on "ALLOW ANYWAY" or a similar option.


- Open the flasher you just downloaded.

- Insert the HACKER_final_v4.2_Lite.bin file into the flasher.

- Plug your HACKER into the computer. click on the "refresh button" (two arrows)

- Click on " FLASH"

If you have Windows :

- Download the flasher by clicking on this link: ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-Windows-x64.exe

- Download the latest update " HACKER_final_v4.2_Litebin" by clicking here

- Open the flasher you just downloaded " ESPHome-Flasher-1.4.0-Windows-x64.exe"

- Plug your HACKER into the computer. Click on the "refresh button" (two arrows)

- Pick the COM Port your HACKER is connected (Should be something with CP210 in the name)

- Insert the HACKER_final_v4.2_Lite.bin file into the flasher.

- Click on " FLASH ESP"



Where can I find information about the new features?
There is a PDF File you can find here: Hacker Advanced Settings Explained.pdf
Also there are explanation Videos available here: HACKER explained on Vimeo
Before it was working, but why do I now have a blank page?
Check if you're connected to the wifi named “WIFI”. If yes, maybe your Android want you to turn off your cellular connection (3g - 4g - 5g) to make it appear.
I have a very strange interface with a lot of display problems.
If your interface looks like this, or your device doesn't vibrate, or the light button doesn't turn blue or you have any similar issue, 95% of the issues are solved by following the 8 STEPS above the FAQ. Try it, it should fix it.
Screenshot showing how to choose the COM port
My device is not recognized by my computer when I follow the 8 STEPS, why ?
Be sure you used the cable provided with HACKER. If it's the case, try to plug the cable in another port, close the software, and open it again, it should resolve the port issue.
Why can't I see more than 5 wifi networks on my phone?
It depends on the phone. Sometimes a spectator's phone will display 3 wifi networks, sometimes 20, sometimes 50, sometimes 100. It varies depending on the age of the phone and whether it has internal wifi security or not. This can't be controlled, but the impact on the spectator remains the same.
How long do I need to charge it ?
It takes around 4/5 hours the first time to charge it fully. After that initial charge, it only takes a few hours.
My spectator can't see any wifi networks!
Always ensure you have at least two people checking at the same time! The more you have, the better. This way, you're sure that at least one of the two spectator phones will see the networks appearing. Some phones have internal issues that we cannot control.
I don't have an Emergency button! Why?
In Android Mode, the button is OK. Because the EMERGENCY button is only found on the iPhone interface.
My problem is not here, what to do ?
Send us an email at contact@lesfrenchtwins.com and explain us your exact issue with HACKER, but before, be sure it's not in the explanation video or in the FAQ please.