Explanations to read

Using Text Mode
- To write text, use the text area in the settings, or if you have the INJECT or ELIPS app, connect your account by entering your ID in Advanced mode.
For Inject, it's the letters or numbers just after the "gg0.us/"
- The app does everything for you! It transforms your text into a series of icons.
Good to know: If the app does not have multiple-letter icons needed to form a word, it will automatically generate fake icons containing the missing letters, while including two real, known icons per line. HANDY!
- To erase or make appear the word displayed on the screen, press the compass icon, at the bottom right.
Using Card Mode
- Step 1: In the settings, select "Card" mode.
- Step 2: Choose the order of the symbols (clubs, hearts, spades, diamonds) according to your preference.
Lock Screen Input
- Step 1: The two central icons (OF/DE, etc., depending on the language) remain fixed and are presented to the spectator.
- Step 2: Press the volume + button to simulate locking the phone. A fake lock screen will appear.
- Step 3: Enter a "password" to insert the spectator's card. Use the format: value (01 to 13) + symbol (1 to 4) + 0 to validate.
Example: 7 of hearts = 07 2 0... Queen of spades = 12 1 0.
- Tip: Use "0000" to reset the card displayed on the screen or press the compass icon.
Volume Button Input
- Step 1: Press the "volume +" button to choose the value of the card (each press adds 1).
- Step 2: Press the "volume -" button to select the card's symbol.
- Step 3: Then press the "volume +" button again to validate the chosen card. Example: Three of Spades: 3 times "volume +", 1 time "volume -", 1 time "volume +" to validate.
- You can follow your progress discreetly by looking at the compass, which will indicate the value and the symbol. To erase the card displayed by the icons, press the compass.
In Conclusion
You are now ready to use iCons! Explore its features and impress your audience with your digital magic.