From close-up wonders to grand stage shows!

From close-up wonders to grand stage shows!

 From close-up wonders to grand stage shows!

Meet Les French Twins, the magical duo who started up close and now dominate some of the biggest stages in the world. 

From Close-Up to Center Stage

Their journey began with close-up magic : private parties, intimate tricks. But these twins dreamed big... After lots of hard work creating their unique kind of magic, they now dazzle under the spotlight of some of the biggest stages worldwide.

Now, picture a packed theater, an eager audience, and Les French Twins taking the stage. The magic becomes larger than life. Their digital effects, storytelling prowess, and engaging performances leave you spellbound.

With humor, tech, and jaw-dropping illusions, their show make magic cool again ! 

Up Close 

Don't think they've forgotten their roots. Les French Twins still work up close for few special requests ONLY.

Picture coins vanishing, objects floating, and your mind bending, all with a modern twist. They use iPads, audience phones, and more to create magic right in front of their audiences eyes.


Ready for the magic? Get in touch with Les French Twins.

It's not just a show... it's pure magic !